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Ready? "Activist judges."

Bet I know what your answer was. "Gay marriage," right? Right.

"Activist judges" is Rovespeak for "fag lovers," really. You can tell it's code because of the oafish way Junior emphasized the phrase during his fall stump speeches (think: "exaggeration"). But closer examination shows the shrewdness of this deception.

"Activist" connotes "uppity." In this context, it implies that not only is the "sanctity of marriage" under attack by these Godless homos, but that the Constitution is under attack as well by some shadowy star chamber of power-drunk, robed renegades hell bent to destroy our nation. Truth and reason tell us both are false.

First things first:

What does the "sanctity of marriage" truly mean?

Is it the sanctity of the institution?

In Christian matrimonial liturgy, as people of true Christian faith should know, the institution of marriage is of God and given by God. To people of true faith, the institution of marriage is divine and unassailable, and therefore in no jeopardy of being diminished by the acts of man -- be they gay weddings, goat weddings, or doggie divorces.

Is it the health of the institution in society?

Interesting question. Where do we stand? What is the measure? About half of American heterosexual marriages (Christian and non-Christian) end in divorce, and about 70% of men have cheated on their wives. Fewer young heterosexual couples are choosing marriage than ever before -- in fact, the only group who seems passionate about wanting to get married these days is homosexuals. If you believe marriage is a pillar of our society, which the facts certainly support, then you must also accept that the pillar was crumbling long before the gay marriage flap.

Should we as a society champion monogamy? If so, we should champion gay marriage, and those of us who are married should look to ourselves as individuals to uphold the sanctity of marriage and family in our own lives.

Tomorrow: What is an activist judge, anyway?


Blogger marxistcapitalistobjectivistbuddhist said...

1. Doggies don't get divorced, they just have lots of casual sex.

2. Forget about society sanctioning monogamy or any other form of gamy. What about the state extending the same rights to all people? If the government (legitimately or not) decides to sanction a particular form of social relationship, it needs to make that option available to everyone.

3. Civil (as opposed to religious) marriage should not be about stabilizing society or a social institution-- it should be about protecting the property rights of two parties involved in a common social arrangment. We have a body of common law that governs business partnerships in the event that the parties fail to spell out the particulars of the relationship-- so that the courts can work out disputes. Same should go for marriage: marriages happen, they encounter issues, so there needs to be a default set of rights/obligations that govern in the absence of a formal, explicit agreement. In fact, common law already provides for that. Common law should apply regardless of the gender/sex of the marrieds. Beyond protecting property rights and civil liberties, the government should butt out of marriage.

4. I love how Republicans decry judicial activism when it runs counter to their goals, but have no problem with the Supreme Court selecting our President.

November 18, 2004 at 10:17 PM  
Blogger The Termite said...

Nor do they seem to have any problem jamming an amendment about who can have a wedding into the Constitution. Remember the only other social proscription that made it into the Constitution? That thing about drinking alcohol? How's that going for the temperates, anyway?

November 19, 2004 at 7:57 AM  
Blogger marxistcapitalistobjectivistbuddhist said...

Not to mention that many straight marriages have nothing to do with rearing, raising, or otherwise bringing into existence or adulthood children. So is the next step to constitutionally annul childless marriages (like my grandma's or my own)? I guess a good Christian's response would be something like: "Well at least they're putting it in the right hole." Oh, unless they like oral sex like Newt Gingrich.

November 19, 2004 at 11:18 AM  
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December 4, 2004 at 8:57 PM  
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